2013 Family Reunion Theme Signage

For our Family Reunion theme we are asking marchers to create a beautiful sign with their family name on it. For the greatest impact have your name clear and visible from 20 feet away.

Saints Building Bridges seeks to provide a way for faithful Latter-day Saints to work within a church framework as they show love and support for LGBT people. To this end, we found disciplined messaging to be very effective. Outside of your family name signs, all of your other signs should be quotations from scriptures, LDS church hymns, or General Authorities. You can really make a powerful statement this way. Go to the “Files” Section of the SBB Facebook page and click on “Approved Signage” for ideas. Post pictures of your signs on the Facebook page to inspire others! Do not have any signs (or clothing) with political messages. If you are passionate about Marriage Equality remember–Mormons For Equality are also marching in Utah Pride and would love to have you join them. Saints Building Bridges completely supports you in that choice.