Mormons Building Bridges is pleased to announce their theme for the year 2014 and encourage all MBB participants to join in pursuing this theme.

SEARCH– Be aware of the LGBTQI/SSA people in your life.

PONDER-Listen to their stories, share yours with them.

PRAY -To know things you can do to make your homes and congregations welcoming for them.

To assist MBB participants in pursuing this charge, MBB recommends the video series The Forefront Talks, that features the story of a lesbian Latter-day Saint and her ward friend who searched, pondered, and prayed and was able to be there for her friend as she “came-out” to her ward family.

From The Forefront website: “One year ago, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints launched the website mormonsandgays.org stating:

“There is no change in the Church’s position of what is morally right. But what is changing — and what needs to change — is to help Church members respond sensitively and thoughtfully when they encounter same-sex attraction in their own families, among other Church members, or elsewhere.” – Elder Dallin H. Oaks

Moreover, on the website, church leaders advocate that “As a church, nobody should be more loving and compassionate. Let us be at the forefront in terms of expressing love, compassion and outreach.” – Elder Quentin L. Cook

But just how do Latter-day Saints really go about doing that? What does it even mean to be at the “forefront” anyway? And what does “sensitive,” “thoughtful,” “compassionate” and “outreach” towards gays and lesbians within the church really look like?”

We hope this web series helps you begin the work of being at the forefront of love and compassion and inspires your efforts to “Search, Ponder, and Pray” for our LGBTQI/SSA sisters and brothers.