Custom Facebook Cover Images for Nondiscrimination Legislation

Custom Facebook Cover Images for Nondiscrimination Legislation

Please consider using these cover images on your own Facebook wall to let your friends and legislators know that, as a Mormon you support legislation in your state that would protect the right of your LGBT sisters and brothers while also respecting the religious liberties of those of faith.

If you’re a Utahn, and you support the  NONDISCRIMINATION and RELIGIOUS FREEDOMS AMENDMENTS (SB296) Utah Senate Bill which would guarantee workplace and housing opportunity for all Utahns regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, just click on the image below and follow the normal process for adding a new cover image to your Facebook wall. Thank you

(Apologies to all you folks who don’t live in the United States, for such a USA-specific post.)



If you live in Idaho and support the “Add the Words” campaign that would add the words “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the Idaho Human Rights Amendment which provides reporting and mediation services for workplace, housing, public accommodation, transportation, and education disputes, please click on the image below and upload the image as your Facebook cover image.