Sunday Supplement: Finding My Way

Sunday Supplement: Finding My Way

“Sunday Supplement” blog posts are issued each Sunday as a supplement to the messages heard in our congregations and homes, with emphasis given to how the scriptures and counsel from church leaders can help us to reach out with love, empathy, and compassion to our LGBTQI/SSA sisters and brothers.


My husband and I are the presidents of a unique church program: Adult Special Needs Mutual. We have weekly activities where the youth from the 15 stakes that this program encompasses take turns organizing an activity for the special needs adults in those same 15 stakes. We have about 70 people at these weekly gatherings.

Often tremendous spiritual insight and a closeness to Christ are expressed by our participants, while they are doing the most ordinary things. Like cheering on someone throwing a basketball, talking about a talent, working on a craft.
Just last week, at a rehearsal for an annual talent show where the performers are all adults with special needs, one of the performers sang “I Am a Child of God.”

He walked confidently onto the stage and started singing this very familiar song, sans accompaniment.

Except instead of singing the words the way the primary children do, “Lead me, guide me, walk beside me, Help me find the way.” He sang out clear as can be, “Lead me, guide me, walk beside me, Help me find MY way.”

In the middle of the frenzy of making sure the lights were set, the volume was right, and no one was feeling left out, it was like a lovely reminder-blanket of warmth and spirituality overtook the stage.
For a moment it took my breath away and I immediately thought of the many people here who have expressed their testimony of personal revelation and direction from Father regarding how they need to live their lives and accept themselves and their loved ones.
I hope we take time this Sabbath to remember that our Savior is pulling for us, each one of us, to find our own treasured way.