Bravery Bulletin: Small Gestures

Bravery Bulletin: Small Gestures

Bravery Bulletin blog posts acknowledge regular people behaving in ways befitting a disciple of Christ that are powerful in their quiet ease. Those spotlighted in the Bravery Bulletin are often chosen because of their gentle and seemingly simple acts toward LGBTQI/SSA issues and people.

Often it is the simplest of gestures that make our wards and homes feel welcoming and supportive to our LGBTQ/SSA sisters and brothers.

“Last night someone dropped off this card and a plate of cookies on my door. It really touched my heart that someone in my ward took the time to let me know they appreciate me being there. My ward and Bishop have been so supportive to me. I truly feel welcome as a gay Mormon in my YSA ward here. I never thought that would happen.”


— Submitted by Colby Goddard