Reach out to Days of ’47 Parade Corporate Sponsors

Reach out to Days of ’47 Parade Corporate Sponsors

As we engage our community in conversation about the Days of ’47 Parade we hope to do two things: support the beloved tradition of the parade AND communicate why we feel that a Mormons Building Bridges entry would work so harmoniously with that tradition.

We encourage participants in Mormons Building Bridges and friends of the organization to reach out to the parade sponsors in the spirit of open and compassionate dialogue and tell them what it would mean to you and your community to have a “Mormons Building Bridges Celebrates Utah’s LGBT Pioneers” entry in the parade.

Below is a list of sponsors with links to their contact information. Please send them an email or give them a call. Better yet, try to find someone in these organizations to have a dialogue with in person. Please post your experiences and any helpful information you find in the MBB Facebook group.

*Please remember that threats and anger don’t move us forward. Sharing your feelings and experience, engaging in empathetic dialogue, and genuine listening will lead to better understanding and a stronger community.

Days of ’47 Parade Sponsors
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Foundation
Utah’s Hogle Zoo
WCF – Workers Compensation Fund
KSL Television
Union Pacific
Wisan, Smith, Racker & Prescott, LLP
Zions Bank
Ken Garff
JayLynn Studios
Sandy City
Parr, Brown, Gee & Loveless

Here is one example of how to approach parade sponsors, sent to Darrell Brown, President of KSL TV.

“Hi Darrell!

I know this is out of the blue, but I feel like reaching out to you directly would be the best way to share my thoughts. You knew me for many years in my youth. I also was good friends with your daughter, Lauren. I’m hoping I left a positive image so that my words today can hold weight in your mind.

I am part of a minority in Utah that wishes to amiably coexist with the LDS majority. is a group of extremely respectable LDS people that represent and empathize with both LGBT and Mormon people and wish to unify them.

Recent events have the raised hackles for both parties considering the differences of opinions, but the truth is that both parties need to try to understand each other and respect each other. MormonsBuildingBridges (MBB) is one of the first groups to do that.

The committee for the Days of ’47 Parade have rejected MBB’s application to participate in the parade on Pioneer Day claiming that its subject matter was not appropriate for the parade. But I argue that it is perfectly appropriate.

MBB wishes to recognize the LGBT pioneers in Utah that have suffered and struggled for recognition, freedom, and sometimes for life. In addition, a huge number of the LGBT people in Utah come from strong, pioneer-originated LDS families. The world is changing and finally these people can come out of the framework without the same social rejection that existed just a few short years ago.

The message MBB wishes to share is not about sexuality. It’s about those Utahns who struggle to reconcile their strong LDS background and their conflicting identities, but have forged forward to succeed in life despite it all. It is also to bring awareness to Utah that LGBT and LDS people can live harmoniously and love and accept each other and their differences.

MBB has marched in 2 SLC Pride Parades, as well as countless others across the country. The group includes entire families that wish to support their LGBT family member. They are happy, smiling, respectful LDS people.

I ask that with your influence as President of KSL TV, that you please encourage parade organizers to reconsider and allow this group to march in the parade on Pioneer Day. It would be a positive and hopeful message, not only to so many LGBT Utahns, but to their struggling families and friends. It would also help soften the hearts of those who do not yet understand the struggles of so many LGBT pioneers in Utah.

Respectfully yours,

Brig Bagley”