Sunday Supplement: Search – Ponder – Pray

Sunday Supplement: Search – Ponder – Pray

Sunday Supplement blog posts are issued each Sunday as a supplement to the messages heard in our congregations and homes, with emphasis given to how the scriptures and counsel from church leaders can help us to reach out with love, empathy, and compassion to our LGBTQI/SSA sisters and brothers.

In 2014, Mormons Building Bridges is focusing on remembering to “Search, Ponder, and Pray” in all that we say and do toward our LGBTQ/SSA sisters and brothers. Are you speaking with a ward member about lesson content? Search, Ponder, and Pray about how you might carefully present the content so that it does not accidentally offend LGBTQ/SSA members or their loved ones. Talking with a relative about your gay child? Search, Ponder, and Pray about how to start the conversation and set healthy you dries so that “all may be edified.” Thinking of reaching out to possible LGBTQ/SSA members in your ward? Search, Ponder, and Pray. You get the picture…

As the Steering Committe of MBB, we incorporate this into our decision making process for all aspects of the movement as well. We believe miracles can happen as we look to the Lord for guidance and then go forth with a sure conviction.

Almost all who have shared their experiences of walking in Pride Parades behind the Mormons Building Bridges banner have used words like, “sacred”, “spiritual”, “holy”, “happy”, “worshipful”. 

We Mormons we always want to share the joy we have experienced with others! With that in mind, this Sabbath day of worship and contemplation, we invite you to invite someone (or a few someones) to join you in the Utah Pride Parade on June 8 or in the Pride Parade in your area.

Search your family, wards, and stakes for who you might invite to march with you. Ponder over how to invite them… “Perhaps today there are loving words, which Jesus would have me speak.” And of course, Pray for their hearts and minds to be receptive.

Then please share on the wall of the Facebook group, your experiences in Searching, Pondering, and Praying over those you invite to the Pride Parade.