Onward, Ever Onward

Onward, Ever Onward

The Mormons Building Bridges Steering Committee would like to thank everyone for the spirit of love and acceptance, and the commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ that has pervaded this group from the beginning. We will continue to do the work of making our homes and congregations safe and welcoming for our LGBTQ/SSA brothers and sisters within the context of current church doctrine and policy.

To those who may be in conversation with their local leaders about Mormons Building Bridges we offer this advice–consider it an opportunity to share your experience, to bear your testimony of the truth of the gospel, and to help your leaders understand what MBB means to you. In addition, even though you may feel misunderstood, try to empathize with your bishop or stake president. They carry a heavy burden of trying to balance the needs of individuals with the demands of the larger organization they have stewardship over.

Here is an MBB Ecclesiastical Leadership Guide to print out that highlights the teachings of church leaders that motivates our work in MBB. It may serve to ground a conversation you have with anyone about Mormons Building Bridges in gospel principles. As you pray for guidance in these discussions, know that your brothers and sisters in MBB are doing the same, and each individual has access to inspiration about their own spiritual path. Finally, do not let fear limit the good work you can do in your homes and wards. Fear separates us from God, and we can be comforted in the knowledge that He loves us and wants us to be an instrument in His hands.

Mormons Building Bridges Steering Committee

Doree Jo Ashcraft Burt
Bryce Cook
Bianca Morrison Dillard
Suzi Fei
Jon Hastings
Corey Howard
Vicki Wimmer Johnson
Berta Marquez
Susan Dortsch Mikesell
Erika E.p. Munson
Sherri Park
Anne McMullin Peffer
Anita Stephens
Sara Jade Woodhouse