Letter: LDS Church Doesn’t Tout its Gay Outreach

Letter: LDS Church Doesn’t Tout its Gay Outreach

Oct 8, 2014

Did you know you can click a link to the LDS Church site about Mormons and gays(Mormonsandgays.org) from the LDS.org website? No? Neither does anyone else. I waited in vain for some mention of the website during the last four general conferences.

At Mormons Building Bridges, we often tell our members to speak up about the relatively new website (2012). The common response is, “I tell people about it, and they don’t believe me. They don’t believe that it was developed and published by the church.”

Too bad. It’s a step forward, but it is totally unsung by the church. On the other hand, the new church movie is being widely touted, even from the pulpit in some cases. I tried to get a mention of Mormons and gays in our ward newsletter with no success. The same thing happened with the Relief Society newsletter.

If the Mormons and gays website was mentioned even half as much as the new movie, it would save lives. Surely, the lives of current members are as valuable to us as new members.

Sherri Park

West Jordan