August, September, October Press Reports

Oct 26, 2014

Brad Kutner’s  article about Rand Irons, MBB member in Virginia, got picked up by LGBTNation.

Oct 22, 2014

Brad Kutner writes about Rand Irons, MBB member in Virginia.


Oct 14, 2014

Christy Cottle and her son, Spencer, were interviewed by Fox News in Boise, ID.


Oct 14, 2014

Another version of the story on Oct 12.


Oct 12, 2014

Erika Munson was interviewed for this article.


Oct 8, 2014

LDS Church Doesn’t Tout New Website


Sept 6, 2014

Tom Grover posted a YouTube video of MBB in the Las Vegas Pride Parade and also linked it on Twitter.


Aug 7, 2014

Sherri Park’s letter to the editor of the SL Tribune about Affirmation.