Anita Stephens – Nevada

Anita StephensAnita Stephens is native to Las Vegas and has been married to her husband Wesley for almost 27 years. They have six kids, four of whom are biological and two of whom were adopted through the foster care system. In total, Anita and Wesley have fostered 43 children. They also founded a foster care association in Clark County for the purpose of helping children and families affected by foster care.

Anita is active in her ward and has served as Young Women’s president, as a counselor in the Primary, and as a Relief Society teacher. She has also held many music callings and loves both music and dancing. Anita is especially passionate about speaking up for those who do not seem to have a voice, foster children and LGBTQI/SSA individuals in particular. Her 2nd son, Tyler, is gay. Anita is grateful for the opportunity be an ally for him and many others and hopes to continue to be a voice for change in her ward, stake, the Las Vegas area and elsewhere.

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