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Who is my neighbor? (Deseret News Op-Ed)

Originally posted  in the Deseret News, Friday, Jan. 10 2014 As Utahns grapple with the implications of last month’s court decisions regarding same-sex marriage, we have the opportunity to accept the beautiful and challenging invitation that is part of all religious traditions — to care about the well-being of the person who is most different from us,…
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Sunday Supplement – Search-Ponder-Pray video

“Sunday Supplement” blog posts are issued each Sunday as a supplement to the messages heard in our congregations and homes, with emphasis given to how the scriptures and counsel from church leaders can help us to reach out with love, empathy, and compassion. This simply beautiful rendition of a favorite song from the LDS Primary…
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JANUARY 21, 2014, 7:00 – 8:30pm (MST) Community Conversation sponsored by MBB Topic question: “Should the Utah legislature pass the Utah Housing and Employment Opportunity Act?” Community Conversations are held at public libraries along the Wasatch front and online via Google Hangout & YouTube. LINK to a shareable e-flyer. LINK to the Facebook event. LINK to this month’s…
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“SEARCH, PONDER, AND PRAY” Mormons Building Bridges is pleased to announce their theme for the year 2014 and encourage all MBB participants to join in pursuing this theme. SEARCH– Be aware of the LGBTQI/SSA people in your life. PONDER-Listen to their stories, share yours with them. PRAY -To know things you can do to make your…
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I nominate Jennifer Inman Morrison, for going to a conflict-charged and non-resolution-seeking meeting and behaving like this: “Jennifer is still singing “Jesus said love everyone, treat them kindly too” outside in the freezing cold as the organizers leave the building and channel 2 does their live segment. Bless her.” — Doree Jo Ashcraft Burt

Mormonsandgays.org Quotes and Discussion Questions

“I think what’s critical is that we try to resolve this in patience and with divine perspective, not trying to dictate to God how and what His answers will be to our prayers or when and how He might intervene in this situation, but trying to achieve and understand His perspective on things so that…
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Cross-post from “Our Eagle Project Journey”

This post summarizes the steps we took to start the GSA (high-school gay-straight alliance) in hopes to encourage anyone who would like to try to start one of their own. I will first list the basic steps then go into further detail and advice for each step and include links. 1a. Find student interest 1b.…
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Op-Ed on the 2014 Housing and Employment Opportunity Act

Erika Munson One of Christianity’s most beautiful and challenging invitations is to care about the well-being of the person who is most different from you. Jesus taught that the person you are wary of, the person with whom you may deeply disagree, the person you may consider your enemy–may be lying by the side of…
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January 2014 Community Conversation

Mormons Building Bridges holds an ongoing series of public discussions around issues of interest to the LGBT and LDS community. Every month on the same night, we hold meetings in public libraries along the Wasatch front. Our goal is to create a safe space where individuals of all backgrounds and philosophies can come together and…
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The Media’s Influence and the Goals of Mormons Building Bridges

Comments for the Society of Professional Journalists: LGBT and the media panel on November 21, 2013, Salt Lake Public Library My name is Erika Munson and I represent Mormons Building Bridges. We are a grassroots organization whose goal is to make LDS homes and congregations safe and welcoming for LGBT people and support our LGBT…
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