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Leading with Love…Imagine the Difference

The MBB Approach. In accordance with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Mormons Building Bridges community is dedicated to conveying love and acceptance to all who identify as LGBTQI and those who experience same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria. Yet since it’s inception, the Mormons Building Bridges community has been criticized – some fair, some unfair…
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Press Reports for June 2015

June 30, 2015 Doree Burt was interviewed about the Supreme Court ruling.   June 19, 2015 MBB got a mention and a link to our website in the World Religion News. Mormons Attend Utah Pride Festival in Support of Equality   June 10, 2015 Huffington Post featured story on Mormons for Equality and also…
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Press Reports for May 2015

May 26, 2015 City Weekly’s Pride issue includes Sara Jade and an account of marching with MBB in 2012.   May 26, 2015 Rodney Johnson’s letter to SL Tribune about MBB marching in Days of ’47.   May 26, 2015 NewNowNext reported on MBB rejection from local parades.   May 25, 2015…
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Press Reports for April 2015

April 16, 2015 Josh and Lolly Weed object to their inclusion in anti-gay Supreme Court amicus brief. MBB is mentioned.   April 12, 2015 MBB Hugging Booth in Phoenix is at about 1:21 in this video.

Who is the One, and Who are the Ninety-nine ?

    When you hear the parable of the Shepherd who leaves his ninety-nine sheep seeking after the one who has wandered away—who do you see as the one and who do you see as the ninety-nine ?   Has the one, wandering, sheep gone off, ignoring the shepherd and dismissing the flock ? Is…
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A Wonderful Opportunity to Practice Discipleship

There are strong feelings on both sides of the same sex marriage issue. In an effort to set a tone and expectation in our congregations that we love one another, especially when we have a difference of opinion, Bishops have been proactive in sharing messages like the following in their Sacrament Meetings. Please consider sharing this message…
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How to Respond to the US Supreme Court Decision Marriage?

How can we most lovingly talk about the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage with family, friends, and neighbors in a way that mitigates conflict and encourages constructive dialogue? How do you acknowledge both the joy that so many feel today, and the dismay that others may react with? How do you help people cope…
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Sit With Me Sunday–

Mormons Building Bridges will be attending the Music and the Spoken Word Broadcast in the LDS Church Conference Center in Salt Lake City on Sunday, July 26, 2015.  Here is a LINK to the event. As a way of honoring our LDS pioneers past and LDS/LGBT pioneers present, we will enjoy the live broadcast of…
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A Worldwide Church of Bridge Builders

The follow are the words of encouragement given by Erika Munson at the 2015 Utah Pride parade, prior to marching: “It is an inspiring and joyful and beautiful day.   Will all the primary children raise their hands high? Two Primary Songs come to mind today, the first is Do As I’m Doing….the second is the song about…
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Mormons Building Bridges denied by Days of ’47 and Freedom Festival parades

For the second year in a row, Mormons Building Bridges’ proposals to participate in Salt Lake City’s Days of ‘47 Parade and America’s Freedom Festival Parade at Provo have been rejected by the events’ respective organizing committees. MBB’s entry in the Day’s of ‘47 —  Utah’s largest parade that commemorates the arrival of the Mormon…
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