Breaking Bread Dinners

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There are lots of ways you can break bread with your LGBTQI/SSA friends, neighbors, and even strangers. Just find others in your area who would like to reach out and build bridges and invite them, along with members of the LGBTQI/SSA community, to simple social gatherings. It’s that easy. Remember, it’s important that people who are invited to the gatherings have differing opinions on LGBT issues.  Some Mormons may not know anyone personally who is lesbian, gay or transgender. It is also a great way for community members who may not feel comfortable with LGBTQI/SSA people to be able to meet these individuals in an informal setting and see that they are just like them. Meeting (and eating) with a diverse group of people can enlighten and inform in ways that just seeing or reading cannot. Providing everyone a space to come and feel loved and accepted and talk about their diverse experiences as you eat, visit, play games (or whatever your group decides) is a less intimidating way to approach potential differences they might have. 

You can hold these gatherings monthly or quarterly depending on needs. Another great way is to have these socials around holidays – a 4th of July barbecue, a Valentine’s Day game night, an Easter brunch and egg hunt if there are kids, a Thanksgiving feast, or Christmas caroling…really, the sky is the limit. Just bring them into your home and hearts. You can also plan service projects together in your area. 

You can get an idea of what a Breaking Bread gathering might be like by listening to this story that aired on National Public Radio in May 2014. (story starts at the 15 minute mark)