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Building Bridges Step By Step by Holly Abel

“Giant tears welled up in my eyes and streamed down my cheeks. As I prepared to step forward, I could hardly see where to place my foot. The tidal wave of emotion washing over, around and through me was so huge – so completely overwhelming and unexpected – I could barely breathe. Here I was, experiencing one of the most… Read more →


Mormons Building Bridges is a community dedicated to making Latter-day Saint homes, congregations, and communities safe and welcoming for LGBTQ people.  We are a grassroots movement of Mormons whose faith in Jesus Christ calls us to show unconditional love and support to all God’s children. We are inspired by the Freedom Festival’s mission to “instill a deeper sense of patriotism… Read more →


It’s a beautiful Sabbath morning: I am in my Sunday best meeting with friends and family who share my faith. We begin with a prayer and sing a beloved hymn. For the next two hours I won’t be in a chapel: today my congregation ­by ­choice is joining the throng in the Utah Pride parade. We carry signs that read… Read more →

What is MBB? Well, I’m so glad you asked.

Last night, after a long day with Nolan (3) that’s a lot of energy right there, how have we not bottled up 3 year olds energy and gotten rich? I also spent a wonderful afternoon at the Pride festival grounds here in Phoenix, AZ setting up the Hugging Booth for the weekend. The weather is warm and brilliant sunshine this… Read more →

Vulnerable LGBT Members: How You Can Help

I’m gay. I fully identify as homosexual. Every blue moon, I find a guy attractive and would happily date him, but the reality stands that there is a 99.9% chance I will marry a woman. It’s just how it is. I make no apologies for who I am. Maybe the world will be shocked when I have a temple marriage… Read more →

“Love Never Faileth”

Do you ever read the signs in front of Christian churches as you drive past? You can find hilarious collections of these spiritual messages online. Here are some of my favorites: HONK IF YOU LOVE JESUS, TEXT WHILE DRIVING IF YOU WANT TO MEET HIM. I WAS ADDICTED TO THE HOKEY­POKEY THEN I TURNED MYSELF AROUND CHURCH PARKING ONLY. VIOLATORS WILL… Read more →

“Dear 14 year-old Me” by John Bonner

Dear 14 year-old me, I see you there in the pews, head bowed, lines of tears marking divides down hot, embarrassed cheeks and pooling up in blurry smudges on the pages of the hymnal as you let the sacrament pass you by because you believe you’re not worthy. I see you standing alone in front of the basement window in… Read more →

Press Reports for August/September 2015

Sep 28, 2015 Religion News Service about why Mormons still seek to cure their gayness. Conversion therapies don’t work, experts say, so why do gay Mormons still seek them out?   Sep 20, 2015 Provo Pride and MBB Hugging Booth   Sep 13, 2015 Anne McMullin Pfeffer wrote an Op-Ed for the Salt Lake Tribune about WCF meeting in… Read more →

Press Reports for July 2015

July 31, 2015 Sit With Me Sunday Scholarship listed in article about Utah Community Foundation. July 23, 2015 Erika Munson was interviewed for this story on the Miracle of Forgiveness. July 18, 2015 Gigi Ballif Arrington’s letter to the Provo Herald about MBB marching in Provo Pride Parade. July 4, 2015 MBB is mentioned and there is… Read more →