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It’s a beautiful Sabbath morning: I am in my Sunday best meeting with friends and family who share my faith. We begin with a prayer and sing a beloved hymn. For the next two hours I won’t be in a chapel: today my congregation ­by ­choice is joining the throng in the Utah Pride parade.…
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A Worldwide Church of Bridge Builders

The follow are the words of encouragement given by Erika Munson at the 2015 Utah Pride parade, prior to marching: “It is an inspiring and joyful and beautiful day.   Will all the primary children raise their hands high? Two Primary Songs come to mind today, the first is Do As I’m Doing….the second is the song about…
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A Moment that Time Stood Still

A week ago was conference weekend. As with prior conferences there were statements made, some veiled, some blatant about LGBT people/members. The one that hurt the most was our being counterfeit people living counterfeit lives. I was able to push those thoughts away, thinking I had found my peace. Come forward to Pride weekend. Friends…
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