Community Conversations

Community Conversations are an opportunity for individuals of all backgrounds and philosophies to join in civil discourse about issues of interest to the LGBT and LDS communities. Community Conversations are not debates, presentations, or panel discussions; they are genuine conversations that are grounded in the conviction that the human experience is complex and progress only comes when we listen, love, and seek to understand.

All you need to do is: pick a topic question (must be open-ended), set a date, schedule a room in your local library or community center, invite the community to attend, prepare a one-page handout with helpful information and facts about your topic question, and then host the conversation by following the guidelines below. It’s that easy.

How to host a Community Conversation:

  1. Welcome everyone and refer them to the handout you’ve provided, containing pertinent facts and information about today’s topic.
  2. Explain the guidelines for participation (below).
  3. Read the topic question and then let the conversation unfold according to the needs of those gathered.
  4. End the conversation strictly on-time and allows for smaller conversations to carry-over until the library’s closing time. (Suggested length: 90 minutes)


1. Be curious: Try to empathize with one another by asking open, honest questions about perspectives and ideas that you feel you genuinely can not relate to or understand.
2. Be humble: Respond to questions only with “I” statements, avoiding statements like “we all know…” or “everyone tends to…”
3. Be respectful: Do not try to fix, save, invade, persuade, debate, teach, advise, counsel, challenge, or change others.
4. Please only participate either by asking open, honest questions or by answering questions from personal experience. (This is not a forum to “make your point.”)