Contemplative Conversations

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Monthly MBB Contemplative Conversations are open to anyone hoping to deepen their commitment to building bridges with mindfulness and personal clarity. Contemplative Conversations are held every 3rd Friday of each month for two hours, in Ogden and Springville Utah on an alternating schedule.

The Contemplative Conversations are simply a gathering of fellow ‘bridge builders’ hoping to support one another in their efforts to convey love and acceptance to LGBTQI+ people. The Conversations follow the same contemplative practice employed in the MBB Contemplative Retreats held four times each year; including a guided group discussion, introspection exercise, and individual journaling time (plus snacks!). Each Contemplative Conversation addresses a different issue or question – so you are invited to attend as often as you like.

These Conversations help you explore contemplative ways of approaching the convergence of LDS Church teachings and the LGBTQ+ experience. They are an invitation to stillness and peace in order to listen to the wisdom found within. These Conversations help us address the most pressing questions that we commonly ask ourselves, examine our thoughts and feelings safely, and remind us how to maintain healthy interpersonal boundaries.


  • 3rd Friday of the month
  • 7PM – 9PM
  • Held at a comfortable homes in Ogden and Springville UT
  • A simple curriculum of guided group discussion, introspection exercise, and individual journaling time
  • Light snacks provided
  • No need to sign-up in advance, just attend as needed
  • FREE of charge


January’s Conversation will be held in Springville
(2468 East River Bottom Road, Springville, UT)   

Conversation Topic:
“How do I typically respond to the frustration I feel around conflicts between the doctrines of the LDS Church and my own feelings about sexual orientation and gender identity? Why do I respond this way?”

February – Ogden

March – Springville

April – Ogden

May – Springville

June – Ogden

July  – Springville

August – Ogden

September – Springville

October – Ogden

November – Springville (1st Friday)

December – Ogden (2st Friday)