To apply, please send an email to info@mormonsbuildingbridges.org

Mormons Building Bridges hosts two Contemplative Retreats every year. They are designed to help you contemplatively approach conflicts between LDS Church teachings and LGBTQ+ people. Each retreat covers different content; from abiding frustrations to finding resilience. Over the course of the retreat you’re invited to ask yourself questions that you may have never considered before, carefully examine your thoughts and feelings, and practice maintaining healthy interpersonal boundaries. Ultimately the retreats are an invitation to stillness and peace in order to listen to wisdom found within.


  • April 12-13 and October 11-12
  • 24-hours long (including overnight stay)
  • Held at a comfortable, large home in the Wasatch Mountains
  • A simple and clear curriculum of guided group discussions, introspection exercises, and individual journaling time
  • Lodging and meals are provided, FREE of charge
  • Space is limited so apply early and check back often
  • To apply, please submit an email to info@mormonsbuildingbridges.org
— Reviews from past participants —

I have been attending retreats since 2017. Our first retreat was shortly after our son came out to family and friends. We as his parents, had been trying to figure out our religion versus the reality of having a gay child for many years, virtually alone. During most of those years, we felt isolated, lonely, and fearful. When our son finally decided to come out, we had many people reach out to us. Angels on earth! My husband and I were pretty nervous when we signed up for the Mormons Building Bridges retreat. After all, I wasn’t even sure how I felt about being a Mormon any more. But the moment we stepped in the front door of the venue, we were met with warmth, love, and friendship. And with every retreat, I am edified by the wisdom and energy that each person brings to the mix. I have met some of my most cherished people at Mormons Building Bridges retreats. I hope you all have a wonderful, edifying, and healing time. And I hope I will see you at the next one!!

Thank you everyone for opening your life and soul. I can not express to you enough how much each and everyone of you played a role this weekend in saving my child’s life! Thank you for being you and helping and supporting me on my journey. I am forever grateful for you and this event. I send you my love, support and prayers as you continue on your journey. I am ALWAYS here for you. I look forward to keeping in touch with you all, my new friends.

Thank you everyone involved in our retreat; participants, facilitators, & volunteers who were always behind the scenes, cooking, cleaning, preparing. I loved their service with a big supportive smile and encouraging words. I loved everything about our retreat and felt overwhelming love, awe, respect and gratitude that I found a safe place to explore and say the pent up emotions residing within me.  My prayers and thoughts are with you!

So much of my anxiety around the LGBT & Church conflict comes from sending my mind ahead into an impossible-to-define future. But the only problems I can solve for myself are in the present. The retreat created an excellent environment for sensing my present and offered rigorous exercises that addressed specific issues one by one. I feel I learned discipline for my thinking. I found needed peace and am confident I can repeat this process. Just as valuable are the human bonds, coming together with fellow pioneers. Our shared urgency can’t help but reshape our world. So honored to have learned your stories!

Thank you Mormons Building Bridges for giving me the opportunity to attend the Contemplative Retreat. It was a privilege to be surrounded by people filled with so much love, compassion, understanding, testimony, experience and wisdom. The facilitators were extremely competent and invaluable in organizing activities which provided a safe space that encouraged learning, communication and growth, and the lodging and food was wonderful! Thanks again for the incredible retreat. It was life-changing!

I had the opportunity to participate in the recent MBB Contemplative Retreat. I personally want to encourage anyone who follows MBB, for whatever reason, to seek to participate in the retreats they offer. I found this one to be amazingly well organized, rich with useful and deep material, full of learning experiences that are safe and helpful to discover things inside of myself. I found the facilitators to be wise, loving, yet solid in holding to our ground rules that promoted safety and greater learning. I found the group, varying greatly in why they attended to be loving, compassionate, supportive, and desiring to find answers personally and collectively. I personally want to thank them for their generosity, the beautiful location, healthy delicious food, and expansive learning experiences. Seeds have been planted that still need to germinate to be able to express what I really gained from this total experience. Don’t miss an opportunity, if you have one to participate in their quarterly retreats. It’s a gift that not enough words can express its positive impact. Thank you MBB!

This weekend was one of the most meaningful of my life. I felt safe enough to really open up and share some scary things–things I’ve never vocalized before. The food was plentiful and delicious! My bed was comfy, the shower was hot. Perfect in every way. Next time I’m bringing my husband. Thank you so much for all the hard work, planning and dedication! I feel so loved, thanks to all of you. Thank you for sharing your difficult, triumphant, scary, loving journeys with me.

I just have to say thank you to MBB and all the individual facilitators for giving me the opportunity to attend the Contemplative Retreat this weekend. What an incredible gift to sit and hold space with such beautiful like-minded people, and to be in such a safe place where I could share and process what is in my heart. I will forever treasure this experience and the bonds of love and friendship made there. I love each and every one of you forever and ever. Thank you for your bravery and kindness

I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for an incredible retreat filled with light, love, learning and understanding. It was everything I had hoped it would be and more! Because of your willingness to share your lives, experiences and wisdom with me, I gained the insight and answers I so desperately needed! So thank you…thank you…thank you! I love you all.

I am so grateful for the amazing insights I learned and the wonderful people I met at the Mormon Building Bridges Retreat this weekend. I feel like I am changed for the better! Thank you to the facilitators and their hard work that made this wonderful experience possible!

Actually, like Mary Poppins, I found the retreat “practically perfect in every way.”  At first I was skeptical about the complexity of the agenda but as we moved through it, I realized that it all flowed easily and was not overwhelming. I learned a lot about what it means to really listen. I’ve already applied what I’ve learned about listening in a variety of situations during the past week and I think it’s going to make me a better person.  I’ve also been evaluating my bridge-building skills and I’ve found that something as simple as mentioning that I went to a MBB retreat is a good way to start a conversation.  Of course, the bottom line is that knowing real people is what changes minds, and I feel like I now have 19 new best friends who have deepened my insights and expanded my vision in a variety of ways.    I think an MBB retreat is the perfect place to process one’s angst, especially among younger Mormons regardless of sexual orientation.  One young couple in my ward is already asking when they can sign up for a retreat.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate. I’d love to attend upcoming retreats.

I loved the retreat. I’ve thought about it often since then.  The next day at church was the best I’ve had in a very long time.  Somehow being able to identify and talk about how I felt with like minded people (who weren’t related to me)  opened up something emotionally that I hadn’t been able to access before. My hope before the retreat was that it would help me to feel less “angsty” at church and less critical of people who didn’t understand (or appreciate) my point of view.  That’s exactly what it did for me.  I have felt far less outside of the circle since then–even though as a former RS President and YW President most would think I’m right in the middle of it.  It lifted the oppression I’ve felt and gave me strength to stay.  So, thank you my kind and thoughtful friends.  You are an inspiration for your dedication and devotion.  I love and admire you all so much.