Anyone in the Mormons Building Bridges community around the world can gather online each month, for one hour, to hear about the success people are having building bridges in their own wards and stakes. You can tune-in to hear from people just like you, building bridges in big and small ways. And you’re able ask the featured presenters questions about how you might do similar things in your congregations. It’s a great opportunity to connect “live” to fellow bridge builders from every corner of the community.

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Dr. Bill Bradshaw and Dr. John Dehlin 2011 survey of LGBTQ+ Latter-day Saints – February 2016

An on-line survey was conducted in the fall of 2011, under the auspices of Utah State University, which yielded 1612 participants – LGBTQ Latter-day Saints (current and former members of the Church). Responses to the large number of questions produced a wealth of data regarding such topics as sexual identity development, religious identity development, interventions engaged in for the purpose of coping with or changing one’s sexual orientation, mental health outcomes, and religiosity and religious trajectories. Seven published papers reporting this work have now appeared in prominent academic journals, with others in preparation. This was a wide-ranging Online Gathering. Although many in the LDS/LGBT community were excited about their work, this was not just an event for fans. The participants submitted questions to the Doctors about their methods and about why they feel this is a valuable study.

North Star International – March 2016

Featuring North Star leadership Gregory HarrisBecky Mackintosh and Kyle Merkley. Topics included (but were not be limited to) North Star’s mission, the themes for this year’s North Star conference happening in Provo on March 18-19, 2016, expected messages from keynote speakers at the conference, and shifts in North Star messaging away from supporting sexual orientation change efforts. This Online Gathering was a great example of vigorous and respectful discussion with input from across the LDS LGBTQ/SSA community.