Sherri Park – Utah

Sherri ParkSherri Park lives in West Jordan, Utah, and is the mother of three and grandmother of six. She joined the LDS church at the age of ten in Walnut Creek, California. She has held almost every position in Primary, Young Women’s and Relief Society, including seven years in Cub Scouts.  She has a master’s degree in Special Education and taught in Utah elementary and middle schools for twenty years. She has a thousand hour pin for her service in the USO during the Vietnam War. She is responsible for the creation of Forrest Lane Park in the San Bruno, California area. She served as the president of the local Council for Exceptional Children. 1489289_10202285896722648_372443086_n

Sit With Me Sunday and the Sit With Me  Sunday Scholarships are a joint effort with her husband. They served an inner city mission in Salt Lake City and a mission on the Navajo Nation as seminary teachers. She became involved with Mormons Building Bridges after she wrote articles for the Salt Lake Tribune about loving and accepting everyone, including LGBTQI/SSA members.

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