Sit With Me Sunday

Sit With Me Sunday is an effort to welcome LGBTQI/SSA people who would like to attend church but may have felt unsafe to do so in the past. Many feel uncomfortable attending a new church or even a familiar church, if they are alone, so Mormons Building Bridges tries to connect them with members of the church who would love to welcome a new friend into their congregation. MBB hosts SWMS four times a year; Christmas, Easter, and two visits to the Music and the Spoken Word broadcasts.

Here is a link to the Sit with Me Sunday list of both members who have offered to “Be a Friend” and those who would like to “Find a Friend” to sit with. If you would like to participate, please message us or leave a “comment” on the Google Doc linked above.
And here is a map showing all the current locations of those who are participating in Sit With Me Sundays.

For information on the upcoming Sit With Me Sunday, visit our Event page.

Here is an explanation from the Salt Lake Tribune and another from the Herald Journal and a video from ABC 4 in Utah.