Susan Dortsch Mikesell – Utah

Susan Dortsch Mikesell
Susan Dortsch Mikesell is a Utah native, raised by a single mom, she understands the experience of living outside of the culturally normative LDS home. Much of her childhood and teen years were defined by significant illnesses and physical limitations. She turned to books to fill the time spent alone. Reading gave her a window through which she was able to view life from a far more varied lens than would otherwise have been possible.

She served in the England Leeds Mission from 1981 to 1983, returning to England twice. She has traveled in Europe as well as within the States. The experiences that accompanied these adventures lent to an openness regarding the myriad of experiences life brings to people from all walks of life.
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Her greatest happiness has come from the privilege of being a mom to a teenaged son and teenaged daughter, and watching their personalities, interests, and talents develop as they begin forging their own journeys. Her life-long friendship with her mom continues to add richness and wisdom to her life.

Reading, writing, and geekdom fill what spare time she has.

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