Suzi Fei – Utah

SuziFeiSuzi Fei lives in Portland, Oregon, and is a wife, a mom, and an active and devout Latter-day Saint. She has a Ph.D. in computational biology and is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Oregon Health & Science University studying cancer genomics. Over the years, she has served in many callings in the church including Relief Society presidencies and Oregon State University Latter-day Saint Student Association president.

Suzi has a deep love for LGBTQI/SSA Mormons and serves in several capacities that aim to increase love and acceptance within the church. She’s on the steering committee for Mormons Building Bridges and the ally committee for Affirmation. Within Affirmation, she helped form the Prepare Group which is for LGBTQI/SSA Mormons who are in or supportive of same-sex relationships and who desire to be active and attend church. Suzi’s husband, Yiyang, is on their stake‚Äôs high council and works with their stake president to teach leaders and members how to be more loving to LGBTQI/SSA members.


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