Volunteer Opportunities & Sign-up

If you’re interested in volunteering to help the MBB community, you can review this list of tasks and initiatives and then click the link below and let us know what you feel called to do for the community.

  • Maintaining the MBB Website
  • Fundraising & Accounting
  • Hosting the online LGBTQ+ Sunday School
  • Hosting Online Gatherings
  • Hosting Pride Festival Hugging Booths
  • Marching in Pride Parades
  • Contemplative Retreats
    • Hosting location
    • Facilitating
    • Food prep/serving
  • Moderating the Facebook group
  • Hosting Community Conversations
  • Maintaining the MBB Social media (Instagram, Twitter, etc)
  • Hosting Breaking Bread Dinners
  • Helping fellow bridge people collaborate with Ward and Stake Leadership
  • Raising awareness and engaging in Political Advocacy
  • Promoting LGBTQ+ Health and Wellness
  • Providing MBB Outreach at Queer events (e.g. Queer Prom, Affirmation Conferences, etc)
  • Annual Academic Forum (featuring the most recent scholarship about the LDS LGBTQ+ experience)
  • Printing and coordinating MBB Banners & Signs
  • Coordinating the Freedom Festival parade float
  • Coordinating the Days of 47 parade float
  • Managing the volunteer list and monthly MBB newsletter

Click this link to volunteer and receive regular emails with current events and service opportunities.