Anyone can build bridges! You don’t need to be a member of a group or wait for permission to build bridges. Any Mormon who wants LGBTQI/SSA people to feel that they are loved and belong, is a Mormon building bridges.

Here’s a brief list of ideas of how you can build bridges in your home, congregation, and community – all of which are well within the current policies and doctrines of the church. Just click on the links to find helpful tips and suggestions on how to get things started in your neighborhood.

If you have any questions about how to do anything on this list, just go to the Contact page and email your questions and a fellow contributor to the MBB community will contact you and share their experiences and insights. And please share your ideas for building bridges!

(click on the highlighted links)

  • Join the Mormons Building Bridges Facebook group to share testimonies, experiences, and ideas for how to build bridges in your part of the world. To participate in the MBB Facebook group, please read the entire guidelines for participation.
  • Volunteer — You can add you name and email address to the MBB mailing list to get updates on current events and service opportunities.
  • Pride Parades — A large group of Mormons march in the Salt Lake City Pride parade each year with the MBB banner. You can also march behind the MBB banner in your own city’s Pride parade.
  • You could also sponsor a Hugging Booth in your Pride festival where you and your fellow Saints can give out free hugs and cute stickers stating “Hugged by a Mormon.”
  • MBB Retreats — You can attend MBB Contemplative Retreats that are designed to help bridge builders approach their efforts from a grounded and thoughtful place.
  • Community Conversations — You can host a Community Conversation in your city library or community center. Rather than a presentation or panel discussion, you invite people to join in civil conversation about topics of interest to the LDS and LGBTQI/SSA communities. Find some helpful tips and resources here to help you create these powerfully healing events in your neighborhood.
  • You can also invite fellow Mormons and LGBTQI/SSA friends to share a meal together in your home and just get to know each other without discussing the issues that may divide you. Click through to find a few tips about how to host a Breaking Bread Dinner in your home.
  • Consider being an affirming host to an LGBTQ brother or sister at church as part of MBB’s ‘Sunday By Your Side‘ initiative. On Easter Sunday, the Sunday closest to Christmas or anytime you feel inspired to invite LGBTQ folks, just post your name, town, and an invitation to spend ‘Sunday By Your Side’ on the MBB Facebook group wall and anyone interested in joining you can send you a private message (don’t post address or phone number on the public page) and you can get together. Then post photos afterward. MBB also hosts folks at General Conference sessions and special performances by the Tabernacle Choir.
  • Collaborate with Ward and Stake Leadership — You can prayerfully collaborate with your leaders to find ways to make your homes and congregations more welcoming to your LGBTQ/SSA sisters, brothers, and families. Click through to find a few resources, sample talks, and sample letters you can use to invite your leaders to pursue this effort. For example you can invite them to hold 5th-Sunday lessons based on the content of the official LDS website mormonandgay.lds.org, or sponsor firesides to foster discussion of these issues in your ward and stake, or place announcements in ward bulletins about LDS- LGBTQI/SSA events, etc.
  • Ministering to Our LGBTQ+ Members and Families — This ministering guide is provided as an additional resource to help you better understand the experiences of the LGBTQ+ people, their friends, and families. The information provided within this resource was compiled by Rebecca Simpson Craft, M.Ed.S., LEP, Newport Beach Stake, California, from her perspective navigating her journey within this space. And here is sample powerpoint presentation for a combined second-hour Sunday meeting on welcoming LGBTQ+ people to church.
  • Political Advocacy — You can participate in the political process in support of the legal rights (that do not oppose the LDS church’s positions) of your LGBTQI/SSA neighbors. For example, the MBB community joined in efforts to help pass the LGBTQI/SSA non-discrimination law in Utah that the LDS church officially supported in 2015.
  • LGBTQI/SSA Health and Wellness — Mormons building bridges are particularly focused on the health and wellbeing of LGBTQI/SSA Mormon youth. You can help curb the tide of LGBTQI/SSA Mormon youth homelessness and suicide by supporting various programs and practices.